Information – ~2 more weeks till the 2020 Michigan Cyber Defense Qualifier

It’s just over 2 weeks till the 2020 Michigan Cyber Defense Qualifier and here are some things you need to know.


This year we will be using Discord for communication during the event.

Discord is a communication system (primarily used for gaming but will work for what we need)

The Facility Advisors should receive links to the Discord Test Servers soon. This will allow teams to get used to the interface if they haven’t used it before.

You can register for a Discord account here:

Things to remember:

  • Please register for a Discord account prior to the event.
  • If you do wait till the event, please do not use the university WIFI to register as this will trigger rate-limiting by Discord. Please use your cell phones to register if you chose to register at the event. (You do not need to download the app unless you want to. )
  • It is advised that you create a new account for the event versus using an existing one. Not mandatory, just a good idea.
  • Please do not use your name, your school or your team number for your Discord ID

Team Packets

Team Packets will be available soon.

Team Captains

Just a note that Team Captains will be meeting with the Administration Team in the morning of the event on Saturday, February 15th.

During the meeting Captains will receive your Team Captain Badges as well as detail instructions on how to communicate with the Administration Team.

2 More Weeks to Go! Are You Ready?